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**If you are going to miss a practice or will be late, please let your coaches know via call or text**

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So Cal United Volleyball is associated with The Southern California Volleyball Association (SCVA).  We aspire to have a nurturing environment where each coach and team work together toward a common goal.  Our goal is to mentor each player in teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership.  We strive to develop athletes to be the best that they can be - both on and off the court and want our players to have fun while learning and improving.
We keep the costs affordable for club becasue it shouldnt break your bank just to have your child play a sport. Just because I keep the costs low does not mean that our rankings are any lower. Every year, each of our teams place in at least the top 100 for their divisions. Some of them place even higher than that. We keep it small ON PURPOSE. If we wanted to be bigger, we would be. We believe firmly that our players are just as much family as they are our athletes. Instead of taking every kid that tries out, we are a little mopre selective. That means that your child is NOT just a dollar sign to us. They will get our full attention and as long as they put in as much hard work as we are, then everyone will be thrilled with their results. Of course, you dont have to take our word, but please ask any of our families who constantly return and the players that have graduated and gone on, who keep returning to one of the happiest times in the lives.
Our philosophy is based on the belief that sports are about more than the game itself.  We feel that through participation in sports, a player will learn about character, discipline, courage, confidence, positive self image and leadership.  We work hard to instill these positive attributes in all of our players along with creating a winning environment. So please, feel free to come check us out!


 So Cal United Volleyball

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